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Dan had the idea. Eric found the system. Victor did the hosting. Twiz hacked the RSS code. And thus was born. Started on March 29, 2005, was the product of a long awaited quote repository for Dan's quote text file hosted on his TJ webspace. Now, continues to grow with quotes submitted by users at (or associated with) TJ everyday. There is also an LJ syndicated account which at least a few people have been watching, and plans for any number of new features when the admins finally get the time to code them up.

After a ten year run and a full third of TJ's history, TJbash is closing submissions. We think it's a good milestone to end on, and we're keeping the archive online so you can still find your favorites. From all the admins and mods - thanks everybody!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this site or its content, please email us at

Please note the following: does not have any affiliation with the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. Quotes on do not necessarily reflect the views of the authors, administrators, or moderators of this site, nor do they reflect the views of the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.

The name "" is not meant as a derogatory comment towards TJHSST or any entity - it does not refer to "bashing" and should not be taken as such. The name comes from, a similar online quote database.

Quotes on have no implicit or explicit claim of validity - all quotes are unverified.

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  • Moderator applications are now closed. Thanks to all those who applied!

  • Hi guys,

    You can now apply to be a moderator at this link:

    Good luck!

  • Update: Cancel the alarm bells. has been restored to normal service. Sorry for the delay!

    Due to a server outage, is currently in emergency read-only mode (sound the alarms!) We've also lost the last couple quotes but we're working to restore a more recent copy of the database. We'll keep you posted.