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Welcome to! is a quote repository similar to the famous QDB at but with a more personal touch in mind. We feature quotes by TJHSST students, alumni, and faculty that would not belong otherwise on Obviously, this means our screening procedures are much more lax, giving you a better chance of seeing your own humorous personal experiences posted. Of course, this does not mean that quotes must be TJ related or that the site is limited to the TJ community - submitted quotes can be about any topic and other users familiar to the TJ cause or the TJ community are welcome to read and add quotes at

Depending on if you like or dislike a quote, there are links to + (vote up) and - (vote down) quotes. If you think a quote has slipped by our highly technological sensors and isn't appropriate for, you can always flag the quote for admin review by clicking the [ Report ] link.

Currently, the database contains a total of 3459 quote(s). There are 8 quote(s) awaiting moderation.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this site or its content, please email us at

Please note the following: does not have any affiliation with the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology. Quotes on do not necessarily reflect the views of the authors, administrators, or moderators of this site, nor do they reflect the views of the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology.

The name "" is not meant as a derogatory comment towards TJHSST or any entity - it does not refer to "bashing" and should not be taken as such. The name comes from, a similar online quote database.

Quotes on have no implicit or explicit claim of validity - all quotes are unverified.

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    Due to a server outage, is currently in emergency read-only mode (sound the alarms!) We've also lost the last couple quotes but we're working to restore a more recent copy of the database. We'll keep you posted.